Katelyn Nugent U10/11/12 Club Co-ed Team


Sports build more than just athletes, they build character. I hope to not only teach the fundamentals of the game, but also the fundamentals of what makes a great teammate. I was 12 when I first learned how to play, so I know this team is going to be the first exposure to volleyball some of these athletes have. My goal is for them to learn the basics while having fun with their new friends. I will feel successful if by the end of the season they can look back to their first day and see how much they’ve learned and improved, all while learning how to be a good teammate.



*Assistant Coach PCVBA 2011, 2012
*Manhattan College Division 1 Volleyball Team 2012, 2013 – Captain
*Green River Volleyball Team 2010, 2011 – Captain
*Graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 2010
*Played club for Wahine, Puget Sound and BLVBC
* Impact Certified