Michelle Fujimoto -U17-National


As an athlete I’ve spent a lifetime participating in various competitive sports and one common thread that has resonated throughout them is “TEAM”. As a competitive player, I’ve helped improve those around me by example, leadership and support. So now as a coach, it’s become apparent that forming a strong team is more than developing individual skills— it’s teaching and developing positive experiences toward a common goal that each player can apply for a lifetime.

An athlete’s best interest is paramount, therefore providing a safe, respectful and TEAM-oriented environment, will be the foundation that supports a positive learning experience. I believe the ability and willingness to change and to grow as a person is a path in the development of a player.

Every athlete has to come to grips with learning how to learn therefore, MINDFULNESS is the key to improvement.

8 things to be mindful of:

  1. Learn to be a great communicator
  2. Take full responsibility
  3. Compete—make winning an attitude
  4. Discipline yourself so no one else has to
  5. Work smart—with a purpose
  6. Put TEAM before yourself
  7. Respect yourself and others
  8. Coaches coach, Players play, Parents parent


*Head Coach—Meeker Middle School volleyball, 2009-2012
*Head Coach—PCVBA U14, U15, 2011-2014
*Co-Coach—PCVBA U16
*Head Coach—Youth Fastpitch
*Manager Player—Adult Slowpitch
*Impact Certified
*The Art of Coaching Volleyball—Portland State University, 2014