Tuition Payment Schedule

Pacific Coast Volleyball Academy Payment Schedule 2014-2015

Please submit all payments to:
PO Box 1256
Auburn, WA  98017-1256
or pay by credit card in your account at: (service fees apply)

 Parents making a full payment is appreciated and given a 3% discount

Team Dues
Club 10-11-12 Nov 10th Jan.10th Feb.10th Total
225 225 225 675
Power 12-16 Nov 10th Jan 10th Feb 10th Mar 10th Total
550 250 250 250 1,300
National 13-14 Nov 24th Jan 10th Feb 10th Mar 10th Apr 10th Total
850 312.50 312.50 312.50 312.50 2,100
National 15-16-17-18 Nov 24th Jan 10th Feb 10th Mar 10th Apr 10th Total
850 381.25 381.25 381.25 381.25 2,375


Team fees do not include USAV region registration ($72.00) or team uniforms (prices vary).

All Club team fees are $675 and participate in 5 local tournaments.  Extra tournaments are available and can be decided team by team.  Tournament/Coach fees will be shared by the team members.

All Power team fees are $1,300 and participate in Power League (4 tournament days), Regionals (2 tournament days), 3 in-region tournament days.  Teams are able to add extra tournaments and will be decided on a team by team basis.  Extra tournament fees apply. Practices begin in December and end at Regionals.

All National team club fees are $1,650 base.  Travel tournaments are $275 additional, Willamette is $175 additional.  Tuition including tournament fees are included in your total tuition payment plan above.  Travel, hotels and transportation are the responsibility of parents for all tournaments.  The club will block rooms for parents to secure for travel tournaments and will be advised of the deadline prior to rooms being let go. We encourage you to book early to avoid not having a room.

Each athlete on a national team will receive a new volleyball included with their tuition. They will be responsible for that ball the entire season and will take it with them at the end of the season.  Their ball will travel with them to tournaments and the athlete will be responsible for keeping track of it during a travel tournament and bring it home with them. Coaches will keep the balls during regular practices. If it is lost during the season it will not be replaced.

National 13’s and 14’s participate in Power League, Regionals, Pre-season Tournament, Spokane Qualifier, and Willamette over Mother’s Day Weekend.

National 15-16-17-18’s participate in Power League, Regionals, Pre-season Tournament, Spokane Qualifier, Reno Qualifier and Willamette over Mother’s Day Weekend.

To avoid a $25 late fee please have your dues paid before the deadline. Information on payments must include player name and team identifier (ie: 14C, 14P or 14N)

Please do not give money to coaches.  Coaches are not responsible for delivering your payments to the Club.  An athlete with a delinquent account during the current season will not be allowed to participate in practices and/or tournaments until the account is made current.  In addition, accounts must be paid in full each season by the Regional tournament.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our club financial manager, Cathy Stansell, to make special arrangements to fulfill your club membership.  If an account remains delinquent for 30 days, the athlete is subject to immediate dismissal from the Club and the account will be forwarded to a collections agency.

Any athlete, coach, or parent damaging or losing equipment owned by PCVBA or any facility used by PCVBA during the season will be required to reimburse the Club and/or facility for the damage before continuing with PCVBA.

To make a tuition payment you need to log into your athletes account here